March 2018

March was such a crazy month for me. Everything that could of happen, pretty much happened.

I quit my job. The amount of mixed feelings I have towards it is too much for little 5’2 me to handle. I’M TOTALLY IN MY BAG ABOUT IT GUYS. I made the absolute coolest friends who are so much more than just the girls I work with. Some of the stories we have could totally get us in trouble, or maybe fired?? But don’t worry, I’m making a whole separate post about all of them.

I am watching the cutest kids I have ever come across. Literally. They already have my heart and have enhanced my baby fever. Their family is overall just like… goals. Jamie is the most beautiful person I have ever seen and has set my hopes of being a hot mom super high. She’s so cool. A photographer. Has a blog. Everything I ever wanted to be. There is nothing I do that makes me thrive more than pushing a preschooler in a swing tied to a tree while the second grader is hiding in the trash can. I love kids. They give me a reason to act like the little kid I’m not anymore.

I have a big trip booked to Mexico!!! Mexico is my favorite place in the world to be. Not only am I staying at the best resort in Cancun and I have a hot tub in the middle of my room, but I have a collab set up with Bootay Bag. This isn’t sponsored and they didn’t make me advertise them but GIRLS. LISTEN. Bootay Bag is such an awesome thing. First of all, when you subscribe you can choose to get one or two new pairs of underwear each month. Cute, quality underwear, which um every girl is fan of. If you post a picture using the hashtag #undermatters, $1 is donated to one of their supported charities. So really, buy some underwear, donate to a charity. They are super cheap to subscribe to and super easy to unsubscribe to when needed. Once I get to Mexico, I’ll be posting more about it since I’ll have the actually pictures ready to go!

As many may or may not know, I graduated high school a semester early, back in December. Best decision of my life btw. Left behind all the people I hated, still have the people I love. It’s really a win win situation. However, At the beginning of the month word got around that I, CASSIDY POSKE, cheated on my boyfriend at the time. Lets get a few things straight before I continue.

  1. I don’t believe in cheating, unless the rare opportunity to be with Harry Styles comes up. Other than that, I don’t cheat. I’m one hell of a dedicated person. Cheating: totally out. Not cheating: totally trendy
  2. My ex and I had a great and fun relationship until rumors came up and broke us apart. I’m not angry at him, I’m not even angry anymore. The situation really knew how to piss a girl off though. I don’t like being talked about if its in bad terms. And what makes me more angry is no matter what I did to defend myself NOTHING WAS WORKING. NO ONE BELIEVED ME. and thats when I stopped caring. What is a relationship if one person can’t trust the other. I was over it.

And now that I’m over it, I’m thriving and vibing and everything else in between. That relationship put a big strain on me and my family’s relationship. Take my advice. Your mom knows everything, she sees things that you don’t. LISTEN TO HER! Now my relationship with my mom, dad, and sister is slowly repairing itself. I’m not constantly trying to be someone else just to please one person. Take my advice on this too: If you’re that stressed with someone that you’re scared to be yourself, SAY BU-BYE. So many opportunities have come up since the break up, and thanks to my friends I took a chance a reconnected with someone that I let slip away in the midst of everything else. Now we hangout, FaceTime with my sister and giggle at wanting to get lip tattoos, and we’re going to prom together. AND HE’S WEARING AN ALL BLACK SUIT AND A BOW TIE SO LETS ALL FAINT TOGETHER.

and that’s about it, BUT. My march playlist is down below, and I have the link for it. It’s all over the place which pretty much described my life so listen or not, I don’t care.




Paris in the Rain – Lauv

Why – Bazzi

Look Alive (feat. Drake) -BlocBoy JB

Movin’ Up – Quality Control

Broken Clocks -SZA

Habits (Stay High) Oliver Nelson Remix -Tove Lo

Distance -Killy


Do Right – Glades

Love is Alive -Louis The Child

Gone- Kap Slap, EZI

Doves In The Wind -SZA, Kendrick Lamar

Pineapple Skies -Miguel


Moon River -Frank Ocean

Ric Flair Drip – Offset, Metro Booming

Simple – Cherub

Where this Flower Booms – Tyler, The Creator

Losin Control – Russ


Where the Hell are my Friends – LANY

I would do anything for You -Foster the People

Station -Lapsley

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