“Hi ladies, are we shopping for prom?”

Raelynn’s Boutique.


Monday-Friday 11-8     Sunday 12-5

Just in case you need a prom dress or some cute clothes or wanted to stalk where I worked…

Guys! Today is my last day at my job… WTF! I’m so sad, so excited to experience the rest of the world, I don’t even know how I feel. It didn’t hit me until my manager went to three different places just to buy me donuts this morning. My manager: The best, Your manager: irrelevant.

My job was the coolest. I got to sell prom dresses to countless beautiful girls that made my confidence go down just a little, sit and talk with super cool mom’s from everywhere from Indy to Michigan to New York, and most importantly I got to hangout with my best friends 6 out 7 days of the week. When I say best friends, I so mean it. Some of them younger, some of them older. Every single person I work with is so much more to me than just a coworker. The day I came in for my interview at this job I was told that the people I work with will turn into my forever friends. AND DUDE THEY WERE SO RIGHT WHAT THE HECK. I wanted to have a post all about them. Who they are, why I love them more than I’ll probably love my first born child. And sorry in advanced. I’m going to ramble because I’m so obsessed with these girls. I never knew such cool people existed until this job.


Nicole is a wild child, in the absolute coolest way. Little did I know Nicole graduated a year before me at the same school as me and it took this long for us to really vibe together. I think I worked with her twice because she’s a big girl and goes to college and does like big girl things, but if I could live one person’s life, it would be Nicole’s. Every boy at Nicole’s school is in love with her, literally. If you don’t believe me, ask her. Such a fun spirited person is so hard to not gravitate towards and I think that’s why when Nicole would walk into work everyone would scream, “OH MY GOSH YOU’RE WORKING WITH US TODAY???” When I sprained my ankle a few days ago, Nicole dragged me in the snow storm to get Chick Fil A for everyone and told me about all her boy problems. It was kind of like talking to the older sister I never had. She’s just good at being her and that’s what’s so inspiring about her. And you wanna know what’s behind her super cute, innocent laugh. A lip tattoo. That she got on spring break. That says. 50 DUB. Yeah we’re Drake enthusiasts. 5O DUB, NICOLE EVEN GOT IT TATTED ON HER.


I don’t really know where to start with Lauren. My heart gets so full when I think about all the things I could say about her. Let’s get the important part out of the way: She loves Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus. And that’s enough for me to vibe with her. But for real. Lauren is the most unreal person you will ever come across and I think she’s so unreal because of how perfect she is, not just on the outside, but on the inside. If there is one genuinely nice person on this earth, it’s lauren. She is so inspiring to me. To have someone that constantly checks up on everyone making sure they’re okay and being the most amazing friend to everyone she crosses paths with is so crazy!! She’s the happiest bean every time I see her and sometimes I just wonder, “Does Lauren ever cry when she spills her dinner on herself like I do or is she always just happy??” I want to be like Lauren when I grow up. Everyone should because if we were all like Lauren world hunger would probably be solved and we all would be friends and sing high school musical together. Lauren’s just the type of person you instantly feel comfortable with and kind of just want to squeeze hoping some of her rubs off on you. One thing Lauren also is good at: Hiding when someone starts banging on the door screaming to let them in and making me go tell them they can’t come in. I guess she’s good at telling people to face their fears and take a risk… or do all the dirty work for you. Cassidy’s Good Deeds: 1   Lauren’s Good Deeds: too many to type up. ONE LAST THING! LAUREN HAS A BLOG. ME LAUREN BLOG FRIENDS. AH! laurenenix.wordpress.com READ IT, GET INSPIRED, FALL IN LOVE WITH LAUREN SO WE CAN FANGIRL OVER HER TOGETHER.


Dani is my mom, literally. Well not literally, but it felt like it. I worked with Dani countless amounts of time and I think every time I worked with her I thought she was getting more weird and more cool all at the same time??? Dani is just like, cool. Like someday is going to be the hot aunt that travels the world while her hot boyfriend carries her Gucci bag for her. That kind of cool. Dani and I talk a mile a minute together and complain and laugh and give each other boy advice and it’s really just like a mother daughter relationship. Oh, and she buys me coke when I’m craving it (True Friend Material, am I right ladies?) She always comes in telling me how she thinks her leg is broken, or her brain is leaking out of her nose, dude I don’t know, it’s something new with her everyday. Without Dani, I would be so lost. She has such a refreshing personality, pretty hair, good eyebrows, a big heart, the prettiest smile I think I’ve ever seen. I totally admire her. I admire how she walks around with her pocket size aroma diffuser sniffing it constantly, or how she always knows how to handle the scary moms that come in and yell at us, or how she’s so freakin smart and doesn’t even show up to class half the time?? She teaches me all about life, gives me advice for college, laughs at me when I get stuck under a huge dress on the mannequin, she’s just everyone’s favorite. She gives me a confidence boost every once in a while, telling me my outfit gives her Rachel Green vibes *tear*. Thinking about not seeing Dani almost every single day makes my heart ache a little. I’ll miss hearing her cute giggle, being jealous of her clothes, and talking about who we’re going to marry one day.


I already know it’s going to take me five tries to write out what I think of Halee because I’m gonna get all teary eyed. Halee is my manager but you would’ve never guessed it. She’s more like the cool older best friend that everyone wants to be around. There is nothing I have loved more than coming in to work and seeing her every single morning. “Hi girl, How are you!?” every single morning. I’m gonna miss that. Halee was the one person I worked with that I just always felt comfortable talking to. When family life was rough, Halee was there to talk. When my boyfriend and I broke up, Halee told me boys were dumb and I shouldn’t care. She always pushed me to do my best and was always the first to hear about something exciting that was going on in my life. Working together all the time, we always had good giggles about some of the crazy stuff that happened. Halee is the type of person who is always nice, always kind, and so loving, but does it with the best foul language ever. And I love it. Its one of the many reasons we just click. Wanna know the biggest one though? WE BOTH LOVE SPACE. STARS. PLANETS. THE MOON. WE LOVE IT ALL. And we had no idea that either of us had this obsession until we got a prom dress with stars on it and both of us jumped to try it on. Halee just really puts up with all of my shit. She deals with me texting her crying that I suck, or that I had a bloody nose driving to work, and occasionally I get the “do you want anything from Starbucks” text and thats just how I know she’s the best type of person to have in her life. I’m really shooting for her to get married soon. I haven’t expressed that to her until typing this so Halee – I’m really shooting for you to get married soon.

I just love Halee. I love that we got to hangout all the time and talk about stupid boys and people that annoy us and rolling our eyes when weird people call. I love that she went to THREE different places in the pouring rain just to get me donuts for my last day. And what I love her for the most… Unclogging the toilet when I come in laughing my ass off about it. Oh and my grandma loves her too. My grandma met her once but  she always asks me how Halee is doing. Its just the vibe Halee gives off, I think. Oh and one more thing. Halee’s dream job at one point was to be a writer for teen vogue, so if anyone has connections, hook her up.


Maddie, my baby! The one that all of my guy friends thought was hot! My mini me! if anyone knows how to really make me giggle, I think it’s maddie. Somehow we just always end up laughing until our stomach hurts. This girl has always been really good at making me feel really ugly, even on the days that I felt equivalent to Kendal Jenner. LOOK AT HER. She is a perfect little bean and I’m so jealous. She has a cute laugh, pretty blonde hair, cute clothes, so freaking good at her job. She makes me want to be a better person. I think the first night we really bonded was when she told me she didn’t know how to make her gas continuously pump. And for some reason we laughed about it for almost 20 minutes. We thought it was so funny. And those are the type of people you need in your life. She was also the one that made me crawl under a 6 layer BALLGOWN DRESS to tighten the mannequin and being the good friend I am, I did. And I got stuck under it. And Maddie and I laughed on the floor, so freaking hard. We sound like dying cats every time were together. I love it!! I’m just saying, if I was at a big dinner party, I would call dibs on sitting next to Maddie. And to all my friends that think Maddie is hot. Don’t steal her from me. I call dibs.


Al and Clay! The ones who started it all!!! Al is hard to put into words. To be honest, I swore she hated me when I first started my job. She scared the flipping shit out of me. But you wanna know how Al really is. She is a sarcastic, mom figure in my life. She makes me laugh and we have super great conversations anytime I get to see her. I think I was so scared of her because Al was the one who hired me and gave me the chance to work such a cool job. And I just really wanted to live up to her expectations. Like this chick, hires me randomly, has me working 40 hours a week, and I was gonna let her down?? Yeah right. I worked my ass off for her. I wanted to be the best me for her. And today she texted me and it made me think I may have accomplished that. “Happy Last Day Beautiful 💖 I was gonna try & make it up today. But not 💯 sure I will. Thank you for coming into our RL family. I want you to push yourself and your dreams. You are deserving & the world is yours. Please keep in touch. I know all the girls adore you.”  My eyes may be watering at the front desk of work right now, but this girl really pushed me and really made me want to do my best and that’s exactly what I did. Thank you for giving me advice about boys and college and life and just being you. And Clay, her husband. I’m his biggest fan. Not just because he bought me BAB but because he’s just SO cool. Like what dude willingly takes part in a group chat of 18 hormonal girls? Literally the coolest, most down to earth family and I’m so lucky I got to meet them, and both of their beautiful kids. And I’m so glad they believed in me enough to give me such a cool opportunity.


Brooke, one funny mama. I worked with Brooke my very first day and she made me move a bunch of racks around and I was mildly upset that she was making me do that much work on my first day?? Like excuse me, do you not see my crown, bow down to me please and thank you. Brooke brings out the sassy side in me. She doesn’t put up with any crap yet she’s too nice of person to have that trait and it still blows my mind to this day. There is nothing that’s more of a breath of fresh air than being around her honest self. She’s so inspiring as a person. She’s in college, moved in with her boyfriend, and is getting married. SHE IS LIVING MY DREAM LIFE. I love having someone as honest as Brooke in my life. She tells me when I look like shit, when I need to get over myself, when I need to be quite, it’s what I need in life. And if one person in this world deserves a reality tv show I think it’s Brooke, because between the stuff we pull at work and the life you’re living, you would be the perfect candidate. I LUHHH YOU.



Looking at how much of an angel Hailey looks like in the picture above is making my heart sink. I love her so much oh my gosh. Hailey and I really thrive together. And when you put me, hailey, and emma together WE REALLY THRIVE. I got the honor of working with her on her first day and she was way to quiet for me. BUT she is everything but quiet. She is just my type, like the type that should probably be my best friend forever and we probably should just go be wild together. First off, look how cute she it. Not cute. Like freaking perfect. Literally. So pretty. So beautiful. So angelic. So shooting my confidence at a downward spiral. Her little accent is something that Dani and I just sit and talk about. She’s just SO CUTE. Like her and I could totally travel the world together and she would get all the hot boys and I would get all the ugly best friends but I would be okay with it. I’m glad I got to experience her first time at Qdoba and then we got to go torture dumbass boys who spread rumors about me. And I’m glad you are who you are. Your funny, down to earth self. You’re just such a quality person and I know we’ll be friends forever. Mostly because I’m making you be my friend forever.


Do you ever just meet someone you’re instantly drawn to and then you accidentally make them cry and you just sit and think about how horrible of a person you are? Yeah me too. Grace was the new girl a few weeks ago and I was pretty much obsessed with her. I ran into work one night to pick up a shirt and it was Grace’s first shift and when she saw me she instantly gave me a hug. And I was just like wow. Perfect makeup. Perfect hair. Cute clothes. I loved her. And then one day we decided to play a prank on her. We told her emma got fired. While Emma was hiding in the backroom. Grace totally believed us. Until emma randomly walked out of the backroom, right past emma like nothing had happened. Basically we really freaked Grace out, and her having the kind soul she does, SHE CRIED. The amount of panic I had was unreal. I thought Grace hated me, we just made the new girl cry, she was too pretty to cry. OH MY GOD. You know what Grace said when she came out of the bathroom crying? “It’s on bitches.” INSTANT BEST FRIEND. Moral of the story: If you’re going to mess with Grace, watch your back. I love Grace. I love her spirit and her vibe and the cute pigtail buns she wears.  I love that she offered to help pick up silly string off of someone’s yard with me. Grace is my inspiration. She treats everyone with respect but sticks up for herself when she needs to.


Izzy Bullard, where do I start with you? I started and ended working at Raelynns with you and there is no other way I would have wanted it. You are 100% one of the most amazing people I have ever met, EVER. You are my tall best friend forever. I’ve never come across someone who has the intelligence and a quirky personality like you have. You are amazing at your job, amazing at being a friend, amazing at simply being you. Izzy and I were pretty much known to be trouble together. We bonded so well and were so much alike that I think it intimidated people. One day our manager told Izzy and I to go to hobby lobby together to pick up some stuff for the store and the minute we got in her car we looked at each other with our jaws dropped. LIKE WHAT?? US?? LEAVING WORK?? TOGETHER?? It was like a miracle. But don’t worry. We did exactly what we were supposed to. Tried to ask someone for help who had an accent, walked in circles at least ten times, kept staring at our manager’s credit card so we wouldn’t lose it. We are so crazy together. If anyone is like a vine dictionary, it’s Iz. COUNTRY BOY I LOVE YOU, BLEHHHHH. Ask us how many times we said that in a good hour? Way too much. There is no one I would rather jam to ZEDD with than you. There is no one I would rather make weird noises with. There is no one I would rather have inspirational talks with. I’m glad we vibe together. I’m glad I met someone so dedicated and hardworking like you, because it pushed me to work harder. I don’t know what I would do without Izzy. I would be so lost with her. And all I can do is thank her for being one of my absolute best friends.


EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! That’s how I feel when I talk about emma. Gosh, we have too many little memories together. There’s something everyone needs to know about how emma is. She’s quiet. Too quiet when you first meet her. But wow, she is intimidating. Like everyone is pretty much scared of her until they really get to know her. And it’s so crazy because she’s such a precious, innocent soul. But she has her “I don’t put up with your shit” type of attitude when needed and thank god for that. When I had any annoying situation, I went to emma. Emma is such a goofball, and yes I just said goofball. She just makes everyone giggle. LISTEN TO THIS. Emma put heels on and ran dresses just to get a leg workout and moms LOVED it. They were laughing their asses off. And then later that night, after my shift, I went BACK to work picked up hailey and emma, and went to torture boys. It was great. Oh, remember that one time we twerked in front of the big mirrors? Yeah me too. Remember when our boyfriends broke up with us for the exact same reason. Yeah me too. EMMA IS ME, I AM HER. I love her with all of my little heart. Her curled hair, her hilarious personality, her probably being everyone’s favorite person. Everyone loves emma, how could you not? We sing together, we dance together, we send ugly snapchats to each other, we’re your typical bffs. But man are we weird together. Pretty disgusting too. It’s what makes it fun. You know what’s not fun though? Emma makes me feel like I weigh about 500 pounds more than I do. She’s so tiny and hot and cute all at the same time??!! That’s why we always shoved her in the new dresses we would get in. Because she’s hot. That’s all.

And to Kendall and Kerri, I wish I got to work with you more, because between the two of you, you’re both perfect. Kendall can’t even try to tell someone she has had a bad hair day, bad outfit day, bad looks day. She is always so put together. She looks like a freaking model every. single. day. She knows how to make everyone smile, and how to make them feel ugly but that’s beside the point…. We both like organizing, we moved around the whole store one day just because we felt like it. Kendall is just really, really laid back and it’s super calming to be around. And Kerri, she was another new girl I got to work with. She happened to know a ton of people that I knew which was crazy and lemme tell ya something girls, Kerri is shorter than me but that girl is FIERCE. She speaks your mind and it’s so awesome. But she has a heart of gold. One day at work, homegirl had an emotional breakdown in the bathroom. I came out wiping my tears away and Kerri just hugged me and it was exactly what I needed.

And so I rambled, really hard. But how can you not! These people are a huge part of my life now! They aren’t people I can just drop and forget about!!! They are my forever friends that I love and cherish and adore and want to be like. And while I’m going to miss the famous greeting : “Hi ladies are we shopping for prom today?” “What sizes are we looking for?” “What is your jean size?” “That dress fits you like a glove!” I won’t have to miss these girls, because they aren’t going anywhere. I won’t let them.

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