A week in the life of me – Mexico

Mexico is my escape from reality, literally. I got asked if I was famous in America. That’s not reality.

A week in the life of me is already crazy enough as it is in Indiana, but throw in a foreign country and it mixes everything up. I always try to find new things to try and find adventures in the smallest of areas, and with the family I have (mostly my young hearted dad) it’s easy to find something off the wall to do.


You know that jittery, anxious feeling you get when you remember you’re seeing Harry Styles in concert in a few months, or when you remember that your mom bought you favorite cereal for you to eat at 2 AM? That is me with airports, vacations, plane rides, etc. WANDERLUST AM I RIGHT BABY!!! 4 AM, I’m up thriving, beaming, glowing. Everyone else, not so much.

My first flight was only 45 minutes to Chicago so I slept through that, but my body wasn’t ready for what was about to come next. We had a 45 minute layover. If you travel a lot you know that isn’t long at all – especially if the airport is as big as Chicago’s. The jet walk was frozen, wouldn’t connect to the plane, totally not happening. Dad gets mad, I’m laughing, my sister is at the front of the plane trying to get the scoop for us. And soon enough, I’m walking down a steep flight of stairs with a sprained ankle in the wind, exiting the plane completely, only to climb more stairs to get into the actual airport. And then, we ran. Fast. Like it would’ve looked so good if it was in slow motion with dramatic music. My sister and I are laughing our asses off, dropping everything out of bags leaving a trail through the airport. We gunned it. And we made it right when they closed the door. Running through a crowded airport should be an olympic sport, literally. 4 hour flight to Mexico – check.

Our resort is huge – known for how big and nice it is. And I felt like a queen when we arrived. Greeted with a rose water towel, and a rose. BEAUTIFUL, EXQUISITE, I FELT LIKE I WAS ON SOME KYLIE JENNER SHIT. But it only gets better, just wait.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-17.jpeg


Our second day was really chill. We laid by the pool, explored the resort, ate some good food. It was a good day to just ease in. We were exhausted from the day before. I think we all took a few naps at the pool, came back with some cute sun burns. But I was thriving anyways, only because I was in my star swim suit.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-2.jpeg

Yeah it was chill until Lucas from New York came along. And Lucas was heart eyes. He had beautiful eyes, he was tan, had good hair, boyyyy was he cute. And you know what we did. We played a game in front of the whole pool. And I couldn’t even tell you what the game was, but we sucked. Like so bad. And we had to belly flop into the pool as our punishment. And I’m not the girl to back down when I lose. So we looked at each other, high fived, and belly flopped SO HARD. And I was just like wow I love this boy. And now Lucas is gone so #FindCassidy’sLucas…. Lucas and I also met some cute friends from Cali and sadly I couldn’t even tell you their names. But Lucas had a friend and he needed a girl so we set him up with these random girls. THEY WERE SO CUTE. We all hung out, played volleyball, laughed at each other making fools of ourselves. And Lucas asked me on a date. “You should meet me by the swings at the bar at 9, if you want to??” YES LUCAS, YES I DO. But I didn’t. We ran into some Chicago boys and they wouldn’t. stop. talking. Yes thank you Marvin, for telling me about how you work at a car wash and that the beach is dangerous at night or how you have a portable charger that charges three phones at once. But like, dude LUCAS. And btw, can I borrow your charger?? Moral of the story, Lucas was long gone. So I went to a Michael Jackson show instead. MJ is my freaking idol. Who can dance like that?? Sing like that?? Live a life like that?? MJ BABY! It was so cool. I’ll post some videos of the show in my next video (which will probably take 10 years for me to get around to editing).


PSHHHHH… Also, finally got my collab out with BootayBag. I’ll put the pics below, and I’ll include the video somewhere??!

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-9.jpeg


Lesson from day 3: don’t try to surf when you’re ankle is sprained… or you’re wearing a strapless bathing suit.

Remember when I said my dad is a kid at heart, he made me surf with him. And let me get something clear. It’s not real surfing, it’s one of those little FlowRider things, that jet water at you and is nearly impossible. But I felt a little daring that morning and decided to do it. And when I did it I flew up, lost my whole top. Oh yeah, boobs out and everything. Had the worst wedgie of my life. And I got up with the little pride I had left and did it again. And this time a cute boy helped me and of course nothing or no one could help me. I’m such a mess. So I flew again and my top came down, yes AGAIN. Sorry cute boy! Hope you liked the view! The rest of the day I decided to stick to water volleyball, which I also sucked at, but kept my pride somewhat.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-3.jpeg

That night, Nation and I got bored in the hotel room. So what better thing to do than sneak into the hotel next to us?? Oh yeah we walked right in there, got some good coffee, walked into someone’s hotel room on accident. AND THEN, we found a rooftop. It was the coolest thing we have ever seen. We were on top of this hotel, looking out at the palm trees, the beach on the other side. It was crazy. It was just us and we had this whole roof to ourselves. AND WE WERE IN SHOCK.

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Oh do I have a story for you. So some background information for ya. I take anxiety meds and birth control in the morning, sleep meds at night. But oblivious me didn’t realize the anxiety meds and sleeping meds look the EXACT SAME.

I was late waking up so everyone left me so I was on my own. Changed, brushed my teeth, took my meds, went to breakfast. Everything was normal minus me being alone. When I got to the pool I realized I was EXHAUSTED. I mean couldn’t get up to go pee, was dazed all day, I was so confused. I thought it was just because I’m a teenager and I’m tired all the time but dude I was really, like reeeaaalllllyyyy, tired. I slept all day. Baked myself in the sun. I was out for three hours at a time. Probably the full mouth open, snoring type of sleep. I was out. I couldn’t stay awake! And that’s when I got back to the hotel room and realized I took the sleep meds instead of my anxiety meds. So really day 4 didn’t happen in my book. whoops.

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THE COOLEST DAY OF THE WHOLE TRIP. Our resort gave us resort credit to use for things such as zip lining, spa days, whatever we wanted really. So we were thinking, we’ve parasailed, snorkeled, rode horses in the jungles of Mexico, so we needed to swim in the ocean with dolphins. So we did! We made a whole day out of it. We took a bus to downtown Cancun to the public beach, and from there took a ferry to an island. The island was called Isla Mujeres, The island of Women, GIRL POWER LADIES! The boat ride was so dope. To be in the middle of the ocean with the crystal clear water was a dream. It also made me realize I could never be on a boat for longer than 45 minutes.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-19.jpeg

When we got off the boat, we had to go across a dock and on the side of it was all the dolphins in the water. It was unreal. The Island had certain places we could go and get free food, and had some shops for us to go into. My dad, sister, and I took it upon ourselves to tour the whole island. We got a taxi and had him drive us to all the cool places he knew about. Our first stop was the sea turtles. They had six pools inside of baby turtles, big turtles, white turtles, you name it. We fed them and touched them when it clearly said not to, but like I had to do it. Next we went to see the sharks. And dude, you could get in the water and hold the shark. I for sure thought my dad was going to hold it but he chickened out. So we looked, admired, and left. And then we went to the coolest part.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-21.jpeg

The highest point of the island, the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life, I swear. We climbed up a huge hill only to see ocean on three sides of us. Rocks, caves, cliffs, waves splashing so high they hit us. It was insane. It was true bliss. It was peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect place to adventure where we weren’t supposed to and get some bomb instagram pictures. It was the perfect time to lose track of time and just stand and think “Wow how is our world so pretty?” It was amazing. We chased big iguanas and tried to pet them, we had my dad hang over a cliff with my camera for some good shots. We giggled, we stood in awe. It was so cool. Sorry to our taxi driver for taking long enough for Kim Kardashian to go have another kid, or 4.

When we got back to the dolphins, we still had some time to kill, so why not sneak into the VIP lounge with my mom?? 6 Pina Coladas being delivered to where we were laughing every ten minutes? YES PLEASE.

Soon enough it was time to go swim with the dolphins and there is no good way to describe what this was like. I was terrified. I was getting in the ocean with 10+ dolphins, fish, crabs hanging onto the fence in the water. I was so nervous, and I don’t get nervous about these things. Feeling the way they feel and having them rubbing against me was giving me such an uneasy feeling. But I didn’t have time to be uneasy. I HAD TO THRIVE AND VIBE. So I did. I kissed the dolphins, rode on their backs, had them push me through the water on a boogie board, even danced with them. It was so cool. We even got a free dolphin show right in the water with them. Such a crazy experience.

JPEG image-8040D797DE79-20.jpeg

Once we ended our day at the island, we headed back to the resort, chased some deer that were by our hotel room, ate some good tacos, and watched an amazing circus show. And then we were all out cold.


LAST DAY. So bittersweet. I love traveling. It’s all I want to do, all I think about. For some reason on this trip I got super homesick. I couldn’t sleep, all I wanted to be home. So I was ready to go. But we made the best of it anyways. We stayed by the pool all day and boy did we giggle ALL DAY. We played volleyball with a bunch of British people, watched old dudes do sexy walks in front of the whole boy, screamed songs across the whole pool. We pulled my mom in the pool with her chair, she threw us back in the water, we hit each other with heavy, wet towels. We just lived in the moment. And we got a lot of sun. We were outside from 9 AM to 5 PM. All day, strictly living on whatever the waitress was brining us to the pool. And I felt fine! That is until I threw up from too much sun exposure once I got back to the hotel room. But my sister listened to me get it all out and we laughed about it afterwards and overall the last day turned out pretty good

And now I’m home, snuggled with my dogs. Back to my normal reality. And I know I forgot a million of other things that happened throughout the last week, but I guarantee I got it all on camera so one way or another you’ll see it.

Take my advice for when you go to Mexico:

  1. Know how to dance. All you do is dance. Every dance there is, you better know it. Because now when I close my eyes, all I see is people dancing.
  2. Go when the UK has spring break. SO MANY BRITISH ACCENTS.
  3. Don’t wipe out into the pool in front of everyone. WATER MAKES THINGS SLIPPERY. *mental reminder for myself the next time I try to run by a pool*

xoxo, cassidy



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