18 years, 18 lessons Part Two


I will live by these words forever and ever and make sure I preach this to my kids someday. Before I really rant about this, hear me out. I am in no means saying that school is not important. It is so important, it’s good for you. However, too much school is too much. If your life revolves around school, stresses you out to the point of tears, it’s too much.

Let me get personal for a second. School has never been my favorite thing. Actually, I take that back. When I was young I loved school, and I know the reason that was is because it was simple. People were nice, there wasn’t drama, it was easy. When I got to freshmen year, I hit a low point in my life. I had no friends. I cried everyday on the bus on the way to school. I would text my mom everyday asking her why she was making me go? I was so sad. I was scared to go to school, I was scared to fail. And I blame most of my anxiety to this day on school. Eventually I saw a counselor and got put on anxiety meds. But the meds didn’t take away school.

However, things did look up. I worked my ass off to get good grades despite how dumb people think I am, I managed to keep amazing friends who I hope are doing well now, I worked everyday, made time for family. I was very good at managing my time. School still was not my thing. Every Sunday night I cried because of going to school, I was always anxious. School was my living hell.

So you know what I did. I chilled the frick out. I realized that school didn’t define me as a person. I stopped doing 6 hours of homework and went to bed when I was tired instead of pushing myself. I didn’t cry when I got an F on a test. I brushed stuff off. And you know what else I did? I graduated early. I graduated my senior year a semester early. I worked so hard to leave early. And doing that was the best decision I ever made for myself. There was no way I was going to be able to graduate in June and have the right mindset to go to college two months later. So instead, I took a 6 month break? Took time to myself. So taking summer classes, a whole year of math in two months, taking college classes, and still managing a bomb GPA totally paid off. And now I am accepted into all of the schools I applied to, work, travel, do whatever I want really. And I. Am. Thriving.

So try hard in school but don’t let it convince you that grades play a critical role in the life you will proceed to live. School is a great place to meet amazing people and will give you so many opportunities. Just don’t let it consumer you. And if school is your main focus and you somehow sit and do homework for 6 hours and get straight A’s, I wish I was you because that totally is not me.


I never realized how good life really was until I hit rock bottom last year. And when I say rock bottom, I literally mean rock bottom. And it’s something personal that I don’t want to share with the world. (What? Cassidy doesn’t want to display part of her life to everyone?) It really is personal to me. But what you need to know is I was in a really, really bad space. I look back on it now and would never wish the feelings I had on my worst enemy. Life really was not good for me. I felt alone, I thought my family hated me, I made terrible decisions. But I bounced back from it and I learned more than I could ever learn in a classroom. And it hit me. Like I really thought life was bad before this moment until life really did actually suck.

Everyone. Just stop for a second and think back to a time that you cried yourself to sleep because you hated your life. And look back on the situation and how you feel about it now. I guarantee it is totally different now.

Thinking your life sucks because you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend I get it. And I bet once you got a bf/gf you thought life would never suck. And what happened? You had a partner and somehow life sucked again. Life sucked because you didn’t have your drivers license, but even after you got your license life sucked again? My advice for you: When you think life sucks, just remember it probably won’t suck forever. Mostly because you’ll find another thing to blame for making your life terrible. And what you need to do? Don’t linger onto sucky times. Become okay with situations that are a burden. Think of the things that aren’t ass right now and let those overpower the bad things/times. It really doesn’t suck. I promise.


The amount of times I have said, “ugh I can’t wait to be older” is actually annoying. I mean a lot of things I say are annoying, but that one really annoys me. You are only 16 once, you are only a kid once. So why are we all constantly sitting around wanting  to be older? So we can say we are an “adult”? So we can legally drink? It’s actually dumb. WE SHOULD BE ENJOYING RIGHT NOW. One day it is not going to be acceptable for me to walk into target in a crop top. And one day it will be weird for me to go to a party with teenagers and dance to Bodak Yellow. It will be weird for me to go to Kesha’s concert. So do I really want to wish away all of this time? The answer is not really. Sure, being on my own is going to be so cool, but being a teenage girl is pretty dope too.

Appreciate the time you have now. Enjoy doing dumb things with your friends that would be weird you doing at age 40. Enjoy having your parents provide for you because I KNOW you will miss that when you’re paying bills. Enjoy your sibling stealing your clothes because one day you guys will laugh at that. THRIVE AND VIBE RIGHT NOW BABY!! Live right now, don’t live in the future and don’t live in the past. Life right now is pretty cool. We are at such a fun age. Love it, Live it, Preach it dude!!


This is better to learn now rather than later. It’ll save you a lot of time you might waste. You don’t have to find your soulmate in high school. Odds are pretty low for you to marry the guy that swears he’s going to marry you. I learned that from personal experience. I think that if you’re in love, you will know. And I know I have never truly been in love. Falling in love with a person and falling in love with the idea of love is really hard to identify in the moment. Ask yourself if you like the attention someone is giving you or if you genuinely enjoy someone’s company. Do you really like this person or do you like the idea of being able to say you’re dating someone? We’re all pretty guilty of this and let me tell you: When you see a boy write a long post about how much he loves a girl and you will literally give up your first born child for someone to do that for you, it won’t matter if it’s not from the right person. Most likely you’ll just get annoyed. Don’t fall in love with the idea of love. Learn the difference now.


With social media being the center of my generation’s life it is so hard not to sit and think “I wish I looked like them.” It is so easy to pick out your imperfections when you’re staring at a picture on instagram and they look flawless. But girl, are you really that naive? You know that the picture they posted was 1 out of 80 they looked good in. You know that they edited it to make them look tanner. You know they are probably second guessing the picture that you are comparing yourself to. So stop doing it. Look at the picture, acknowledge that their pretty, and move on. Don’t go and try to make your face look like, don’t stop eating to be as skinny as them, just be you.

I know it is easier said than done, especially because I still compare myself to others to this day. It’s so important to realize what you are offering to the world. Admire yourself and what is unique about you. Instagram is not reality. People don’t share the bad aspects of their life, they don’t show that bad times. They show what they want you to see. And quite honestly, people are probably comparing themselves to you. Don’t let that get to your head, but just remember comparing is normal, but it’s soooooo unhealthy.


I am totally one to just jump the gun and do something random and crazy. But one day my friend and I came up with this brilliant idea. If we won’t die doing it and we won’t get arrested then we might as well go for it. Risks can be good, only if you are smart about it. And no risk is bad unless you don’t end up dead or in prison. Take opportunities, go out with a boy on a date, dance on a rooftop. Have fun, just be smart.

2 Replies to “18 years, 18 lessons Part Two”

  1. I loved these lessons because these are actual things that younger audiences need to definitely know. I totally relate with your point that school is not the end all be all of your life. There are several defining moments out there.


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