18 years, 18 lessons Part Three


Oh yeah, you know I had to put this in here. Most embarrassing day of my life, never wanted to get twitter famous for something more in my life.

For the few who don’t know, there was a last day of school tailgate for the juniors at my school. Tons of people there, obviously all people I knew as they were all in my grade. My friends and I went and got Big Apple Bagels before the tailgate, it was rainy, we were thriving. We were in a really good mood. So. Me being me decided that we should blast music from my car, roll down all the windows, and dance. Not on the road, not in our cars, but ON TOP OF OUR CARS. We took fun pictures that I didn’t look ugly in. Once again, thriving. So we try to get down. No big deal, right? Yeah well, BIG DEAL CASS. Real big deal. I slipped. Not off the car, but through my black windshield. The whole way through. I was sitting in a pile of glass IN SHORTS. My friends being brilliant decided to pull me up which only put more glass in my bare ass. Here’s a picture to really show you how bad this was. IMG_3087.jpeg

Everyone panicked. I was laughing as I was literally, I mean literally dripping in blood. Random people are using napkins from their cars to wipe the blood off my ass. A girl comes over and pulls glass out of my butt cheek. Everyone was looking, everyone heard it. So as I’m in the school parking lot, dripping in blood, I call my dad. And my EXACT words to him when he picked up were, “Dad, I think you need to call the insurance company.” I told him my windshield cracked into pieces and his exact words were, “It’s probably not bad, just drive home and have mom drive you back to school.” Well I mean, alright. So my friend Ethan gave me a pink blanket to wrap myself in to drive myself home. KEEP IN MIND IT’S RAINING. So I drive home, in the rain, with my whole back windshield gone. Glass is flying into my front seats, the car is getting soaked. I get home and my mom comes out and her only words were, “What the fuck did you do.” I kid you not. She was piiiissssseeeedddd. So of course, I tell my parents I was just innocently sitting on the back of my car and it broke?? Like me dancing on my car?? Noooo. And to this day I have said that is what happened, so mom and dad, here ya go. Yes I was dancing on my car.

My mom was mad until I got out of the car and saw blood all over me. And then she stared at my ass and saw three deep cuts and realized maybe I should go to the hospital??? Well, we wait for my dad to get home and he sees my car and literally punches it. Like full fist punches it. Maybe he was mad? Yeah whatever my ass is bleeding so who really should be mad right now?? We get to the hospital and I’m laying pantless with a gown over me. And then they tell me they have to shower me down to get the glass out. Um, excuse me? Yeah I had to stand there naked from the waist down and get a shower from a nurse. And that’s not all. I have to have a cute boy nurse put 20 stitches right in my butt cheek. X-rays to make sure the glass didn’t puncture my kidneys, thought I was gonna have to get tested for a concussion because that dent on the roof of my car? From my head. But I was finnnneeee. The car though? Yeah $5,000 worth of damage.

So take my advice, please!! DON’T DANCE ON THE ROOF OF YOUR CAR. Happy last day of junior year to me.


Sometimes I get so sick of hearing people complain about things that they literally can change. I used to think the terrible friends I had, I was stuck with forever. The job I hated, I had to suffer and could never quit. I didn’t like my hair, but there wasn’t such thing as a hair cut?? Dude, change it. Find new friends, there’s plenty of people out there that will love to be your friend. And you’ll know when you’ve found the right ones. Quit your job and find a new one. If your bored of it, you’re getting treated terrible, not enough money, quit. There are so many different jobs. Take this advice when you’re older too. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t go find a different “real job.” If you wake up everyday and think, “Damn my hair looks terrible everyday.” “My hair is too long, too dark.” Hi, um it’s me cassidy, call your hair stylist. They’re there for a reason so um, yeah call them. Cut off five inches of your hair, get extensions, dye it pink, get highlights. Change it so you don’t wake up in the morning and shave it impulsively.

And in some cases, you can’t change the situation. So change your attitude. If you get upset because your dad makes the same thing for dinner every night, look at like, “Hey, at least he’s trying”??? You hate school. Okay, but you get to hangout with people all day and eat the bomb yogurt parfaits they serve so who cares. Your attitude can really make a huge change.


Registration who?? Yeah, I’ve had my licenses for two years but I never knew what the registration looked like. Didn’t even know the purpose of it. But once you learn what that is, you really just feel like your life is together, ya know? Yeah well my life really was never together.

Example 1: You ( me ) babysit really late, like 1 AM late on a Wednesday night. You have school in the morning, you’re tired, you’re driving in a bad part of town. And someone in the lane next you randomly backs up and switches into your lane. Ok, yeah, whatever. No. They follow you down the longest, darkest road possible. And you’re kinda freaking out. Like no I’m not a prostitute, I am a broke teenager girl, no money, like what do you want. But the lights come on. So that’s what they ( the cops ) want. Ok, me jamming to a song at full volume, starts balling. Like wheezing I’m crying so bad. And the cop is coming. Spotlights and all. So me, a 16 year old at the time, hands him MY WHOLE GLOVE COMPARTMENT. My insurance card, a piece of paper with an email on it, the handbook for my car. Like the whole thing. And he comes up to me and I, cassidy, say “I swear I’m being legal, please don’t arrest me.” He tells me he only needs my registration which makes me cry harder because I literally don’t know what it is. So he finds it, hands me the rest of my shit back, and asks why I’m out so late. So I hand him my phone, still crying, and tell him I was babysitting and he can call the mom of the kids I was watching. AND HE GIGGLES. Tells me he thought I was some troubled kid leaving their friend’s house from drinking. So, he feels bad, lets me go.

Example 2: Two innocent girls, Mady and I, driving back from going tanning. St. Patrick’s day. Tons of cops out. Speed change that I was so unaware about. A cop turns his lights on and Mady starts laughing and goes, “HAHAH OMG, someone is getting pulled over.” And as the cop does a U-turn to chase me I look Mady dead in the eyes and scream, “BITCH IT’S ME.” So I pull into a landscaping place that is pitch dark. I can feel the people at the stoplight a mile away from me just staring. Well not really, but I was so embarrassed. I tell Mady to get my registration out and neither of us remember what it looks like. I’m panicking. Our friendly cop, Jeremy, takes everything once we figure out what is what. Comes back, and gives me not a ticket, but a Town Ordinance?? Like what the f&%$ is that? $75.00. Um. What. So, me not knowing how to pay off one of these does it literally ten minutes after I get pulled over so I never have to look at it again. I was so upset.

So really, I don’t know if this lesson is telling you to know what the registration looks like, or tells you not to speed or stay out past curfew, or to just cry so hard that the cop laughs and feels bad for you. Take it as you please.


Who started the idea that grandparents aren’t cool because hi, I disagree. My grandparents are my best friends. My grandparents on my mom’s side of the family live in Pittsburgh, and I cry every time we pull out to leave. Like the most old fashioned, sweetest people I have ever met. Grandpa is climbing on the roof at 6am, grandma is baking at 1am. I don’t know, it’s weird, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. The best memories I have from my childhood is going to their house. The time I spend with them is so important to me. Like they are my angels, my soul. My grandparents on my dad’s side of the family literally live five minutes away. I never hung out with them. No offense guys, but I cried when I had to go to their house. And then a light bulb went off in the last year. Like I want to have a relationship with them. So now, I hangout with them almost every single day. I watch jeopardy with my grandma and hangout with her a work. Come to all her old people parties. Watch my grandpa sleep in his recliner chair. Watch my grandma try to dance. Like this is everyday, seriously.

So don’t throw away this time you have to hang with your grandparents. They won’t be around forever. And when they’re gone when you’re older, I KNOW you will look back and realize that you would’ve rather hung out with them then be “uncool” not hanging with them. And I am fortunate enough to have all of my grandparents around still. So go and ask someone who has a lost a grandma or grandpa, and I’m sure they will tell you the same thing I am. Appreciate the time you have.


And when I say it’s not bad, I mean if you’re using it for the right reasons. If you use social media to make people feel bad about themselves, make hate accounts, etc. Frick off. It’s not cool. But really, think about it. Social media is beneficial for so many reasons. It’s a way to connect with people, meet new people, help people. Social media is such a cool thing to post pictures of memories you want to look back on, tweets of things that are important to you, a youtube video of you giving future you advice. How many friends have you met and connected with through social media? Oh, she commented that I’m funny and wants to hangout? GIRL, GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER.

I use social media not only to have a place for memories, but to share my life with people. And you would be shocked out how many people I’ve connected with my sharing my life. Obviously, I don’t post the pictures of me sobbing on instagram, I post all the dope things. But blogging is a form of social media. And man I get personal on here. And it actually has helped people, from what they have told me?? Like it’s good to post a funny tweet to cheer a friend up, or give her a birthday shoutout on insta, share all your “behind the scene” pictures on VSCO. And something so relevant for so many people right now. How many of you found your roommates or have met people going to the same college as you from a Facebook page?? Because I did. I met every single one of my roommates through Facebook. I also have people that I seriously consider friends that live in Texas that are going to my school.

So, is it really that bad mom?? I saw an ad once saying that maybe telling your kids to get away from social media can actually harm them, because social media is a prime place for teenagers to connect with people that they can’t connect with on a regular basis. We can reach out to family members from far away, stay in touch with friends that move away, help your bff through a crisis while literally laying in bed. Social media = not always bad.


SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: DO WHAT SCARES YOU. I don’t mean jump in front of bus or buy a tiger as a household pet. I mean do what REALLY SCARES YOU. Show emotions you usually don’t show. Vulnerability is okay. Cry in front of your boyfriend, scream when your mad, laugh at a joke no one else is laughing at. I hated looking vulnerable. And eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. Emotions can show a lot more than words can. Communicate, insert your input into conversation. If you’re in an argument, you have the right to say your feelings regarding the fight. If you’re listening to someone say cats are better than dogs, tell them you think dogs are better, because duh they are. Communication is actually key. Like if there was door and you had four keys in front of you, the one that said communication would unlock the door. A job opportunity comes your way that you don’t think you’re capable to handle, do it. You’d shock yourself at what you are able to do. Wear the weird printed shirt you bought a year ago and start a trend. You wanna become a photographer? Buy a camera, start an instagram page and share your work. Hell, you get asked to be in a photoshoot but you don’t want to look ugly? GIRL/BOY, you do it anyways. You have strong beliefs towards something, stick to it. Stay true to yourself. If you’re one to always HAVE to be right, like being right keeps you breathing, accept that you’re wrong. I bet you’ll still be breathing. If you need help, reach out, whether it be to help get a bowl down from the top shelf or just because you need someone to talk you through hard times. You can’t keep you locked inside of yourself. You will live a miserable life if you do so. Be scared, but still do what’s scaring you.

That’s it. The most important 18 lessons I’ve learned in my short 18 years of living. I’m glad I had some of the shittiest experiences in order to learn these lessons at such a young age. SO LIVE AND LEARN BABY

xoxo, cass

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