It’s YOU and the UNIVERSE (law of attraction)

Law of attraction (n.): the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

The LOA is something I have been doing for YEARS and never. ever. knew. And a sister is so down for it and I want to tell you all about because this stuff is crazy and so real and everyone needs to learn this. The changes it will bring to your life is amazing!!!!

As the definition says, whatever energy and thoughts you put out into the universe, that is what you will get in return. If you state all negative things and think negative of every situation, the universe only knows how to give that back to you. YOU have to be the one to tell the universe what you want!! If you want positive things out of your life, do positive things, share your gratitudes, show motivation. This is so much easier said than done, but after reading books, watching documentaries, and studying this every night before I go to bed, I have a page of notes that will help give you the basic information to get you to engage in the law of attraction.

The main part of this is what I like to call the creative process. Scientist have a more technical term for it, but I’m an 18 year old college girl who doesn’t give a shit about the name. I am writing out this process from the way I took it and how I view it.


Step one: ask for what you want

No one knows what you want until you ask for it, duh. However, the way we ask for things has a big part in how things play out for us. If you don’t have a motive for what you do, if you don’t have the motivation or faith in what you want in your life, it will surely not come to you. If you know you want something than you WILL get it.  The biggest thing you should remember from this step is write what you want in present tense. It sounds silly, but using I AM statements, instead of I WANT, I WISH, I AM JUST… shows you don’t believe in yourself and have negative energy towards the want or need, rather than be sure this is what you want or what you need

For example, my life goals are to work in fashion while still pursing in a writing career (as well as finding a hot husband, ya know.) What I should say: I AM going to work in fashion and take part in designing and buying clothes. I WILL continuing writing in some way. I AM going to find a HOT ASS, CUTE, NICE husband who will like dogs. What I shouldn’t say: I really WANT a job in fashion. I WISH I could write and still be apart of the fashion industry. I AM JUST a short, emma chamberlain obsessed, yogurt loving girl, so I WILL NOT find a husband.

The difference is there! And saying I am instead of I wish makes you sound a hell of a lot more confident and assuring of what you are going to do with your life. People will respect this look on life, rather than someone who doesn’t believe anything will play out for them. I AM, NOT I WANT, I WISH, I AM JUST!!!

Step two: the answer

While this step has no actual steps to it, it is so important to address and explain. There is never an answer to how, or what you are going to get in life, whether that be with relationships with anyone and everyone, how hard a college test is, what job you end up with. What’s so crazy about this is the people who accomplish big things don’t know how they did or what they did to deserve where they are at in life. It will be shown to you by the UNIVERSE. And jab me in the throat for saying “universe” so many times, but this is what it’s all about baby! You have to take the initial step to reach goals in order for the universe to help you manifest into what it is you are looking for. The answer will be there once you get there. When you tell the cute starbucks worker you want a cup of whipped cream for your dog and he tells you he has a dog too. BAM, A POSSIBLE FUTURE HUSBAND. When you walk into urban outfitters and they say you dress cute and should apply. BAM, A STEP INTO A CERTAIN FIELD OF WORK. Those will be the things you don’t realize had helped you manifest towards your goal.

Step three: receive

Once you take the steps you need to take and become confident in what you want to pursue in life, you will began receiving things in return. Opportunities will not all come at once. If that was the case people would stop directing their thoughts on what they want, and would stop working towards their goals. That defeats the whole purpose of this concept. When you receive something that helps you advance in life, that should MOTIVATE you to keep your eyes on the prize. Receiving does not mean quit. Something important to ask yourself if “What did I do in order to have my manifested ideas begin to appear?” Once you receive, look back on the things you subconsciously did to let the universe know this is what you wanted.

The creative process covers how you can teach yourself to let yourself fall into the LOA and how you can manifest as a person. Some things the video I had watched left out that I think are important are the following:

  1. Pay attention to what you are attracted to and they will attract to you. This goes for ALL parts of life. If you attract to drugs, people who do drugs will be attracted to you. If you attract to being a bitch, bitches are going to come running right to you. But… If you attract to a positive lifestyle, those with a positive mindset will reach out to you. If you attract to fixing a problem whether than dwelling on it, the fixation will be attracted to you.
  2. Don’t do the opposite of what you want, make everything align. If you want to be in marketing, don’t go to college for nursing. If you want to get things done, don’t lay in bed all day. It’s so simple. If you want something, engage in things that will get you to that “thing” that you want. The universe will only align everything with what you put out. It listens to you. Think of it as a catalog. You can have anything you want in life, the catalog has everything you can imagine. So pick what you want and get it! Don’t go pick the thing that doesn’t interest you.
  3. ALL thoughts become something whether it is good or bad. This just sums up the last two things I stated. Your thoughts become whatever you make them become. Your energy and motivation and desire will decide if your thought will become a negative or positive.

I have done research and bought tools to help me with the law of attraction that I want to share with you.

TUT- tut is an app or basically an email subscription. You make an account and answer some questions such as what you want in life, what you struggle with, etc. Some random man who has a brand completely focused on telling you that YOU CAN DO IT and helps you focus on what you are manifesting towards sends you inspiration. You can choose how often you want to receive a “note from the universe.” I receive my email every morning at 3:36am which I love waking up to to motivate me for the day.

Here are two notes I have gotten, one in the app format and one in my email:

You can sign up for free here

LOA books- I recently picked up two books that I am flying through. They have so much information on reaching goals and just putting trust in the universe and the process. The first one is called  Your Illustrated Guide to becoming one with the universe  by Yumi Sakugawa. This book gives you visual guide on how to change your life and trust the way life is playing out for you. The second book I picked up is called Get your Sh*t together by Sarah Knight. This book is literally telling you to get your shit together and teaches you how to focus on what you need to do and how to start doing what you want to. I bought both of these at urban outfitters but you can purchase them at any book store or walmart/target.


Videos- I want to link the documentary I watched and some youtube videos that do a great job of explaining this whole law of attraction thing. While I don’t agree with some of the things stated in these, they are great to get you started and get a general idea of what all this shit is about.

The secret: This documentary talks all about what the law of attraction is and the science of it to prove that this is a real thing!!! This video had many things in it that I disagreed with but on the other hand, it showed to line up with my beliefs on the subject.

Margot Lee’s Law of Attraction 101: Margot Lee is one of my favorite youtubers due how similar are mindsets are. I was shocked to see her post a video about this as I’m in the middle of teaching myself about this. She gives you the whole run down of the LOA and how it applies to her life.

Sam Ozkural’s LOA Do’s and Don’t: This youtube video is so good to tell you what you should be doing rather than not doing. It basically tells you not to be a shitty negative person and be a confident bitch. I really like her viewpoint on this and I think she does a great job teaching you how to become engaged with the LOA.

Take all this into consideration! Look back on this for information and motivation to let the universe guide you. The earlier you apply this information to your daily life the sooner things start to align. If you can understand all of this before your 30’s, I think you’re genius. Use it to get you to live your dream life baby!!

Peace out sisters xoxo,


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