I’ll start by apologizing before I tell you all the excuses of why I haven’t posted in like a month: I’m sorry. I got so many messages asking why I haven’t been posting after I PROMISED I would get on a schedule for posting. LiFe GoT cRaZy. That’s not the best bullshit excuse I could come up with, but that’s all I have for you. Since July, I was getting my family stuff under control, I finished up nannying while trying to get everything ready for COLLEGE, and then I had to move into COLLEGE, and now I’m in COLLEGE. So yeah, I’m in college if you couldn’t tell and boy, is it kicking my A-S-S yet still has somehow been the best month of life all in one.

For all the people who don’t know, whether it’s because you don’t care or because half of the people that read my blog are from the other side of the world, I started my first year of college at University of Cincinnati, obviously in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three reasons I picked UC: 1) out of state, 2) in a city setting, 3) has a good program for both of the majors I’m thinking about. This isn’t sponsored by UC but like, um, it’s definitely the best school and if they could cover my tuition for saying that, that would be great. While it might be the best school (me has to say that so no one kills me for secretly still wishing I could have went to school in Pittsburgh), I have been struggling. Struggling isn’t even the word. So I’m going to tell you why I’ve been struggling, but don’t feel bad for me. Literally, every other freshmen in college is having similar problems to me so boo-hoo me, I should get over it, but I’m gonna rant to you about it anyways. And if this makes you not want to go to college, just wait, don’t freak out, because I’ll tell you all about the good stuff too.

College is obviously to get an education in a specific area of work you want to be in post school and as if I haven’t told everyone enough, I want to study journalism and fashion. Want changed to wantED to real quick. SISTER SHOOK, I know I know. Here’s why that changed after my first month of college:

  1. I HATE, DREAD, DESPISE my journalism classes I’m in. All two of them I have, I cannot stand. I wake up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday wanting to DiE knowing I have to go sit through two hours of journalism classes that I don’t give a flying shit about. I sit and listen to my professor scream “fuck” at least 25 times in my 10am class, I munch on pretzels in my 11am class to block out the sound of my professor, I fell asleep in one of the classes today and HIT MY HEAD on the desk in a dead silent room. It’s that bad.
  2. I have loved writing since I was in 5th grade. My mom has saved every paper I ever wrote. I like writing about stuff that matters to me, though. I don’t care to write about how hated Donald Trump is, or that Justin Bieber is engaged, or that someone got in a car crash because their ice cream spilled on them while driving. I have spent the past 8 years writing about important things to me. I wrote about my mom’s cancer, I write about vacations I go on, I write about the stupid shit I do on a daily basis. I have never wrote about things that people actually care about and that’s the problem. I don’t want to write about other people’s lives, I like writing about mine. I like sharing what I know and what I’ve learned as I’ve grown up. And it seems that everyone else likes reading that stuff. I like to have somewhere to look back on what I’ve done and I like being able to influence other people. I mean guys, my law of attraction post has 25k views and I wrote that from my grandma’s basement while eating a WHOLE thing of Oreos, but somehow that post has gotten more attention than any other thing I have wrote and that was just me writing about something that mattered to me.
  3. I do NOT want to double major and if I do, it 100% will not be journalism and fashion. I love love love love love LOVE fashion and I obviously know that is what I want to do. It has been for a while now. Sadly, my dumbass didn’t apply for the fashion school at Cincy in time so my advisor worked her magic and made it possible for me to still take classes for fashion next semester without being fully enrolled in the actual fashion school. The problem with that is: the only reason that worked out that was was because college-virgin me thought double majoring would be a good idea for me. I don’t know how I could possibly double major when I don’t like school and would have double the work meaning less time time to obsess over Harry Styles. Not only that, but my two majors literally did not go together. At all. No part of journalism and fashion go together unless I plan on writing for Vogue or some boujee shit like that, and with my luck, that would not happen. But don’t worry!! I have a new plan and I think its gonna be a good one. Next semester, I’m switching out my journalism major to undecided with a fashion design track. If I want to double major, I will go into marketing which, um, makes more sense with fashion design?!?! If not, I’ll strictly major in fashion design with a marketing minor.

So there’s my rant. That’s really the only bad part of college and it’s an easy fix. I just find joy in calling my dad, crying that maybe “college isn’t for me” and that “I’m never going to know what I want to do in life” when I clearly have an idea in mind. And college IS for me. I have been waiting to be in college since the beginning of my junior year and you already know I am THRIVING.

I’m lucky enough to not have to experience the hatred of living in a dorm, not because I’m not in a dorm but because my dorm is soooo nice. “Soooo” might be a little exaggerated but for a dorm, we’re living pretty high class. I mean come on, our dorm is called “Stratford Heights.” It just sounds nice. First off, my roommate, Grace and I decorated our room so cute. That shit looks like it came right off of Pinterest. Second, we have our own bathroom so you know we blast our basic rap music while getting ready with no problems.

Oh wait, just kidding. This wouldn’t be a “cassidy blog post” without my bad luck coming to ruin something good eventually. This story probably won’t shock you, might make you giggle, I don’t know. Our whole building hates our guts. Actually HATES US. The funny part about that is, we don’t know anyone in our building except for two girls on the floor below us yet somehow we managed to make enemies. Lexi and emma, my other two roommates, have a white board on their door and we are getting harassed, literally. Someone is writing things like “Floor two doesn’t fuck with you,”  or “Stop stealing our marker, you stupid prick.” But that’s not even the best part. Someone taped a USED CONDOM onto our white board. Let me repeat that one more time. A USED CONDOM. ON THE WHITE BOARD. So yeah, that’s the story of how our whole building is bullying us. And to whoever is doing it: I wish I could say I will kick your ass if I find out it’s you, but I’m a 5’2, 115 pound white girl who will run away from you faster than you can probably guess.

My roommates are some of the best people I have ever met. I have never giggled so hard with a single group of people. I was scared shitless coming to college not knowing how the whole roommate situation would work out. I met my roommates through Facebook, but all three of them already were friends before college. All I kept thinking and expecting was to be the fourth wheel of these three amigos. I was soooo wrong. I feel like I’ve known these girls forever. It seriously was instant friendship with them and I am so insanely lucky that it worked out like this. I would do anything for these three girls without a doubt and I’ve only known them for a month. We’re all equally crazy and so laid back, I wish I could have had people like them in my life sooner. I’ll introduce you to them since I’m obsessed with them, you’re bound to here my crazy stories with them, and my instagram looks like a fan page for them.

Lexi: Two problems I have with Lexi: She is SO HOT and everyone loves her. Even on my good days, I look like trash next to her. Her pretty hair, different colored eyes, her height (she isn’t super tall but she’s taller than me so it like makes me sad, ya know), ugh I’m so jealous. But besides her looks, Lexi just makes me giggle. She is  bluntly honest and says stuff off the wall that kinda makes you look at her like “????” and it’s so entertaining. Lexi and I are so different from each other but it works out perfect. She’s the boujee queen of the group.

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Grace: The SWEETEST person I have ever come across, and no, I’m not just saying that. I have never met someone with as big of a heart as Grace has. I look up to her more than she realizes. She has been through some tough shit that I never realized before I got to college, but the way she carries herself everyday and how mature and strong she is blows my mind. She’s definitely the mom of the group. She makes sure we take our makeup off after a night out, wakes me up when I sleep through my classes, always does her homework which makes me feel like I should probably do mine. She’s just the type of person everyone needs in their life to inspire them to be a  better person.

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Emma: My sweet, sweet Emma. I have never met a weirder person and I love it. I swear, she’s my best friend soulmate. You have no idea how many people have told me that Emma and I are the same person, except Emma has more edge to her. She’s so cool!!!! The most laid back, goofy person ever. We are always on the same page about everything. She just has such a cool vibe about her, truly a unique person who couldn’t give two fucks what someone thinks of her. When Emma goes into her room at night, I literally miss her. And seeing how good of a friend she is to Lexi and Grace automatically shows me how good of a person she is.

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In high school, I was ALWAYS known as the outgoing, bubbly, social butterfly so you already know that the social part of college is where I thrive most. A big part of the reason I went to UC is to get away from my high school. I h-a-t-e-d high school and college was my chance to get away from it and start over and that’s exactly what I did. I’ve seen maybe three people I went to high school with and the rest are new faces to me. I’ve met so many amazing people and it helped me realize high school was such a small part of my life and there are so many other people in the world that I have yet to meet. Whether I met them the first night we got here or last week, the people I have met are amazing. There isn’t a night where I feel alone because of all the people I met. And every single one of them is as crazy as me, it works out perfectly! I love just going with the flow, not having a set plan, and seeing where I end up and who I meet. I still haven’t found my husband and I’m kind of disappointed, but it’s fine, I’m fine, everything is FINE. I’ll wait.

Besides the fact that college impulsively made me put blue streaks in my hair that are already gone (sorry mom), has the worst food ever which results in me having a diet consisting of mac n cheese and hot chocolate, and for giving me about 4 hours of sleep every night, its the best thing ever. I have way too much fun here, regardless of how many times I have cried to my parents about the stupidest stuff. It’s crazy that I am the happiest I have ever been while being more stressed than I have ever been all at the same time, but I dig it. College is dope.

Also, quick side note: I miss making videos of cool things I do and I PROMISE I’m about to make some cool videos. I leave for Florida in two weeks, I’ll be in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving, and going somewhere cool over Christmas break (hopefully)??? So even though it takes me a month to edit a video, just know I’m making some soon.

That’s all I have for you. Go kiss a hot boy, don’t be as emotional as me, watch the new season of American Horror Story.

XOXO, Cass




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