About me

I don’t even know how to introduce myself. There is so much I feel like the world needs to know about me.

  • My name is Cassidy. Sometimes I forget that that’s my actually name because I’m only referred to as ‘Cass’ or idiot. Either one is fine with me.
  • I graduated high school a semester early. I really hated school. Nothing was appealing to me about people judging you on what shoes you wear or sitting in a classroom all day when I didn’t need to be there.
  • I’m now go University of Cincinnati. Minus the fact that their school color is red and I look good in red, I chose there for a few reasons. I wanted to get out of Indiana, live in a city, and study fashion design. So really, I didn’t pick Cincy. IT PICKED ME!
  • I read my horoscope and look up my dreams every single day. Nothing makes me more excited than knowing that Gigi Hadid is a Taurus and my reoccurring dream of being kidnapped doesn’t mean it’s a sign I’m going to be taken. Which I would be okay with, as long as I’m taken by a Kardashian.

I have a lot of goals in life. Some of them are stupid, for example, not throwing up when I eat sushi or not saying the word “dude” or “dope” in every other sentence.

I don’t know where life is going to take me and I don’t care to know. I like to go with the flow. But, I do like to believe that one day I’ll be big in fashion or I’ll travel the world with my best friend or even meet Ellen (because who doesn’t want to meet Ellen).

I wanted to have a place where I could document my life. I want to remember when Zara featured me on their snapchat story or when I swore Harry Styles made eye contact with me. I want to remember singing Party in the USA while parasailing or singing karoake at a bar that I shouldn’t have sang at. I have had so many cool experiences in life, whether that be from my family, my best friends, the girl who did my senior pictures, the Mcdonald’s drive through lady that gives me a free coke every time I go to get fries. I just want to share everything that happens to me, not just to show people how freakin’ cool my life is, but so I can have a reminder of these things down the road.

I hope you stick around and see where life and my red checkered vans take me. Everything crazy that has happened in my life has happened when I was wearing those vans and I will swear by that until the day I die.

xoxo, cass

aka a rachel green wannabe, unrealistic dreamer, and dumb teenage girl who spends too much money on unnecessary things ☾