Where to Find Me

I’d be lying if I told you my whole life wasn’t on social media, so I think it’s pretty important to  include all of my links so you can follow me and my crazy life, or to make fun of me. Whatever you want.


  • I use instagram for everything. My friends call me the ‘Instagram Queen’ because I take so much time in my editing and captions, and call it stupid but a good insta theme leads to a happy cass and tons of people wanting to collaborate! I post anything from me, my friends, a pretty sunset from a few months ago.


  • I don’t tweet very often, but that doesn’t mean anything. My nightly routine: shower, pet my dogs, laugh at tweets by myself until I fall asleep. I am ALWAYS on twitter, I only tweet when I feel it’s necessary.


  • VSCO IS MY LIFE. HOLLA AT ALL THE VSCO GIRLS!!! I post W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R I want. It can range from pictures of my friends and I laying in the trunk of a car or a random picture of Harry Styles because, um… I love him.


  • Youtube is a very inconsistent thing in my life. The only time I upload is to post a video of a freaking amazing trip I went on or to just make a cute video of what’s going on my life. I’m not good enough to post a makeup tutorial or a “How I eat healthy” video when my diet is strictly water and cereal. It’s mostly for me to look back on things I do throughout life.